Facilities and Equipments


Total lot area: 15,000 sqm.
Total Production Area: 8,000 sqm.
Total Warehouse Area: 5,000 sqm.
Total No. of Fleets: 30 delivery vehicles
Total No. of Employees: 200 Persons


Product Development Equipment

• Lazer Rubber-Die Plate Maker
• Computerized Sample Maker
• Complete range of softwares and hardwares to
Support Product Design and Development

Production Equipments:


Facilities & Equipments

Corrugating Machine (72” x 160” max) Coal –Fuel Boiler

Glue Mixing Machine

C-B-E Corrugating Roll Conveyorized Auto-Stacker

Converting Machines

1unit 4-Color Flexo In-Line
2 units 3-Color Flexo In-Line
1 unit 2-Color Flexo In-line
1 unit 4-Color Flexo Printer/Slotter 1 unit 3-Color Flexo Printer/Slotter 2 units 2-Color Flexo Printer/Slotter 1 unit 3-Color Longway
1 unit 2-Color Longway

Finishing Machines

1 unit Auto-Folder/Gluer
1 unit Rotary Die-cut with Auto Stacker 2 units Semi-Automatic Gluer Machine
2 units Semi-Automatic Stitching Machine 5 units Manual Stitching Machine
3 units Flat-bed Die-cut Machine